Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stop Jenny McCarthy

Stop Jenny McCarthy is a new site which seeks to, well, stop Jenny McCarthy. "Stop her from what?: you may ask. Check out Friday's post for a hint.

Thanks to Skeptico for mentioning this on his site.

EDIT: Liz Ditz from I Speak of Dreams is compiling this awesome list of anti-Jenny resources as well as a bunch of anti-vaccination organizations and their boards of directors. Go, Liz!

EDIT #2: Kimball Atwood provides even more information about the AMAB. The AMAB is the fake certification board that has Mrs. Michigan on it.

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Joy said...

Hope y'all are having a good time!

Hammie said...

that is some scary sh1te Vaklam. Just when we seem to have pushed Wakefield into the background, Jim Carrey's girlfriend turns up. Why is it that the most obvious reason for autism seems to elude these people? I am autie and hyper. I got chatted up by a guy with Aspie tendencies and ten years later we had two Kids with autism and ADD. Where is the mystery in that. Now tell me how I ended up with such sturdy ankles, I am looking for something to blame for that....


Vaklam said...

Joy: Thanks. We had a great time.

Hammie: Yeah, big-time scary. I'll get right on that ankle mystery for you. I'm afraid I'll need more evidence to go on, though. Perhaps a few more pictures of your shoes. ;)