Saturday, November 8, 2008

URGENT: Forced Electroshock

Please click here. Read the whole thing.

Here's an excerpt:
Each and every Wednesday, early in the morning, staff shows up at Ray’s sheltered living home called Victory House in Columbia Heights, Minnesota, adjacent to Minneapolis.

Staff escorts Ray the 15 miles to Mercy Hospital. There, Ray is given another of his weekly electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) treatments, also known as electroshock. All against his will. On an outpatient basis.

And it’s been going on for months.

Ray says the weekly forced electroshocks are “scary as hell.” He absolutely opposes having the procedure. He says it’s causing poor memory for names such as of friends and his favorite niece. “What am I supposed to do, run away?”

There are action items at the bottom of Liz's post. Also, spread the word about this.



Sergio said...

Oh my.

Not good.

gleznov said...

That's seriously !@#$ed up...