Monday, December 22, 2008

Vaccinate your kids - Please

The latest episode of This American Life includes the following story:

When they decided not to vaccinate their son against measles, two San Diego parents thought they were making the best decision for their child. But when the 7-year-old came home from an overseas trip suffering from the disease (pictured at left: measles virus), his family’s personal decision became a whole community’s problem. The resulting outbreak infected 11 children and endangered many others.

I know that anecdote is not the singular of data but there are plenty of real studies to back up the assertion that a lack of vaccination is harmful to our species. Get your flu shots and keep up with the vaccination schedules your doctor (and your child's doctor) recommend. They don't cause autism.

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lisadom said...

That's right, they don't.
The earth is round, it revolves around the son, we are evolved from apes, and vaccinations do not cause autism.

Autism causes autism.

Happy Festivus!