Monday, January 5, 2009

Take the UFO Challenge

I just discovered the existence of the Paranormal Examiner which is really just a woo-filled overlay on a link farm. The first article I read from this publication is a doozy.

Melissa Alvarez reports that there is a $10,000 prize for anyone who can debunk a set of UFO photos.

The article is filled with the usual sparse details, logical fallacies, and other things we've come to expect from woomeisters. It's worth a look, especially the pictures. However, this bit where they "explain" the revolutionary photographic technique used to capture the images contains one of the best typos I've ever read (emphasis mine):

During the penetrating photographic process special equipment uses x-ray, thermo and inferred imaging.

Wow! They accidentally said something true.

EDIT: Darn! They've fixed it. Unless the word 'infrared' is the typo now.

Keep watching the skies!

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