Thursday, October 30, 2008

Autism Links

If you've been reading this blog much you've noticed that Autism Awareness is kind of a big deal for me. If you're just joining, "Hi! Welcome aboard. Autism Awareness is kind of a big deal for me."

Here are some links to help spread the word:

Dave Angel from the Parenting Asperger's blog has some excellent advice for teens who want to explain Asperger's to their friends.

Casdok describes herself as a "single parent of C a 20 year old non verbal autistic young man". Her blog Mother of Shrek contains beautiful, honest writing about what that entails. She also runs the Faces of Autism blog which is comprised of pictures of autistic people (mostly kids) from all over the world.

I can't pick a single post from A Life Less Ordinary? because they're all good. Emily's posts are well-written, slices-of-life with which I identify. Her experiences are a lot like mine.

Then there's Hammie. Her blog is so much fun to read. One of my favorite things she's done is her series which interprets AA's twelve-step program in terms of being the parent of an autistic child.

John Elder Robinson, the author of Look Me In The Eye talks about his trip to the TMS lab.

A Photon in the Darkness has a post called Secretin Rises from the Grave just in time for Halloween.

Orac keeps bringing the truth with posts such as David Kirby admits that mercury in vaccines is no longer the smoking gun.

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